Hi, I’m Tom Augenthaler and I’m happy we’ve crossed paths today! My mission is to empower others who want to learn the skill of working with social media influencers so they can reach new markets and customers to grow their business.

If you’re frustrated with marketing strategies that only seem to increase your churn but don’t improve your bottom line,  I believe I have some insights, knowledge and experience that can help you make an incredible impact on your business, career and those around you.

I’m an influence marketer and digital strategist, and I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the most powerful brands in business including HP, Dell, TIME, Oxfam and others. I’m also a speaker, coach and author (coming).

Do you need help with influencer marketing or just don’t know where to start? Contact me and we might be able to work together. Are you frustrated with your SEO and can’t seem to get your website to rank better?

I can help you with that too.

If you are interested in hiring me about either of these, just drop me a note through my Contact page so we can start conversing.

When I’m not working, I try to experience as much as I can of life since we are all given a limited amount of time here.

About 2007, I got my first taste of historical European martial arts after stumbling across a website. I quickly attended a class and I was hooked. Within a few months, I was part of a small group of people spread around the world actively working on how to resurrect the lost martial skills of Medieval and Renaissance Europe.

If you’re someone who gets excited about history, visiting historical places and learning how people in the past developed martial skills to survive, then we have a lot in common.

Today, I spend a lot of time working on my longsword, sword and buckler and sidesword skills.

And when I’m not sword training with my colleagues, I’m spending as much time with my family as possible. I know it might sound rather simplistic, but helping my son with his homework or helping my wife improve our home are some of the best things in life.

Thanks for taking the time to connect, and best way to stay in touch is to subscribe to my email newsletter list.



Boost authenticity and authority.

You get others to tell your brand story for you through independent viewpoint and opinion -and when you do it right, help evangelize your brand.

Ease and speed of message delivery.

Distribute information to your audiences more quickly and efficiently than traditional channels allow by working with influencers.

Improve SEO and Google rankings.

Acquire backlinks to boost your SEO to rank better in organic search.

Builds stronger alliances between customers and partners.

Build campaigns that enable you to work jointly with partners through influencers.

Amplify your other marketing campaigns.

Involve third parties (influencers) to promote and evangelize your content and messaging to their audiences.

Generates efficient social media marketing

Leverage influencers to socialize your message through their own chosen channels so it reaches targeted audiences beyond the scope of your own content marketing efforts.

Build trust for your brand.

Cultivate relationships, build trust and long term content partners with influencers that can last for years.

Work with Influencers the way Fortune 500 companies do.

Learn how to play a different marketing game using influencers.
Uplevel your skills and increase your value.


  • As an influencer, Tom has brought me into work with a number of top brands which has really helped me to boost my audience and credibility. He has a facility for getting brands and influencers together and to get great results for both. If you are looking to learn how influencer marketing is done right, his course will put you ahead.

    Hector Russo
    Hector Russo Geeksroom.com
  • If you want to learn influencer marketing, Tom is your man. I’ve worked with him on dozens of campaigns and always with excellent results. In fact, I still work with clients he introduced me to years ago. If you want to learn how influencer marketing is done well, take Tom’s course and you’ll learn actionable skills and information that will make your own influencer marketing campaigns a success.

    Jake Ludington
    Jake Ludington Delightedrobot.com, Jakeludington.com
  • Tom has a talent for understanding influencers and brands and facilitating so each side benefits. By including me in many of his campaigns, I got access to information and people not normally available. I’ve been able to forge relationships with brands and help them better understand their customers so they can market to them effectively. Take his course if you want to learn how influencer marketing is really done.

    Bob Stein
    Bob Stein Executive Director, University of Pittsburgh’s Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence
  • I’ve been a client of Tom’s for several years and he helped my former company establish a B2B influencer program that is still going strong. With his expertise, we set up a strong program including strategy, process and people. “He led us to set up a number of innovative campaigns that vaulted our marketing ahead of competitors and engaged customers like never before. Our physical corporate events gained virtual exposure way beyond expectations. Tom’s experience and guidance also helped our business stakeholders and highest executive levels to understand influencer marketing and its value to business goals. This program had not been done in the company previously. By taking his course, you’ll learn how to do it as well as any Fortune 500 company.

    Kristie Bernard
    Kristie Bernard former Fortune 500 client
  • The downside of being thought of as an ‘influencer’, is the deluge of fakery, if you will from marketers trying to reach out. They are basically clueless. What they don’t understand is that synergistic success between marketers and influencers boils down to just one single thing: relationships. It’s the relationships, stupid! Tom Augenthaler understands this. I have worked with Tom from the time he was at HP to when he led the HP Enterprise practice for Ivy Worldwide. He knew how and when to reach out, and he made sure the influencers who worked with him on projects were a good fit. The campaigns I was a part of helped me develop new relationships that have continued to help me immensely. Better than that, he helped us grow in reach, and most importantly, in influence. It is with pride, that I attest to Tom’s marketing, influencer shepherding, and social media skills. I heartily recommend him. Without reservation.

    John Obeto II
    John Obeto II AbsolutelyWindows.com
  • What impresses me about Tom is his desire to work with influencers as content partners, and to create content that truly resonates with their audiences. This leads to productive relationships where both sides benefit ... influencers and brands.

    Paul Strauss
    Paul Strauss TheAwsomer.com
  • Do you want to learn how influencers can help you capture leads and sales and drive competitors nuts? Tom’s Influence Academy gives you a shortcut to learning how to do it - and quickly. I had to learn the hard way, along with Tom, as we paved new ground together. However, now, you have a key resource at your fingertips from one of the best.

    Dana Harrold
    Dana Harrold former client
  • Tom is as good as they get when it comes to influencer marketing. His ideas, insights and ability to make it work for brands and influencers alike is what separates him from the rest.

    Mauricio Freitas
    Mauricio Freitas Geekzone.co.nz