Why Influencer Marketing is Hot and How You Can Use it


I was honored to be a guest on Jon Umstead’s podcast Business is ART on the TrueChat Network to discuss influencer marketing.

During the interview, I discuss with Jon why influencer marketing is gaining traction with businesses as an alternative to advertising.

So, if you’re tired of spending money on advertising with little to show for it, then influencer marketing may be the strategy you’ve been looking for.

Here’s what you’ll learn

If you want to listen to the podcast or down load it, click the image below:

Business is ART Podcast about influencer marketing

What is influencer marketing?

Traditional marketing is you telling other people how great you are.

Influencer marketing is other people telling people how great you are.

Its about getting other, influential people to discuss your brand, your products and your services so their audiences learn about you.

Why is that important?

Because if someone recommends something to you, you’re more likely to remember it, even follow up on it and even purchase it.

So, rather than a company telling you something through a press release or advertisement, when a person recommends something, you are more likely to remember it because its another person doing the recommending.

Think of when a friend recommends a book or something, you’re more likely to remember it and take action on it.

People like to buy from other people.

How it evolved to become what it is now…

It all started with bloggers.

Blog platforms are a simple and easy way for people like you to publish your content.  It also enable you to find an audience of thousands if not millions of people.

Once people began to publish what they care about online, it took off.

Individual bloggers, people like you began to attract their own audiences – and to gain influence.

From there, it mushroomed when social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn came about.

Now everyone, if they want to, has a choice of platforms to reach and influence other people.

Because of this, its been disruptive to the entire media industry.


Because as a consumer, you now have more options than ever. You aren’t limited to newspapers, magazines or cable TV.

It’s like what the Gutenberg press did during the Renaissance – but on steroids.

The result is that ordinary, regular people are becoming media brands with their own followings, their own audiences.

influencers in Puerto Rico

Why influencers are a must-have for any business strategy

First, influencer marketing is cost effective because its cheaper than advertising and public relations.

As you know, if someone recommends something to you, you’re more likely to remember it, even follow up on it, and perhaps even purchase it.

Instead of a company telling you something through an ad, the source is another person, a human being.

Psychologically, it makes marketing more human — and that’s why it’s so effective.

Second, you can accurately reach your ideal consumers more easily.  As long as you have an customer avatar in mind (your ideal customer), you will find influencer marketing effective.

How to work with influencers

How to work with influencers

Plan to build relationships with influencers to get the most out of it.

Think long term, like a farmer.

Plant seed that will grow into an abundant crop so you have a rich harvest.

Do this and you’ll get the benefits like anything else in life.

When you develop relationships with people, you get to know them, trust them and can work with them over and over again.

So here’s how to get started:

First, find influencers who already reach your target consumers — those are the people you want as customers.

If you haven’t already done so, you need to know who this person is and where they get their information.

This is known as developing a “customer avatar.”

You can download a work sheet to help you here.

Once you have your customer avatar portrait in hand, you can reach out to your selected influencers and start working with them.

Working with influencers is open ended, so don’t be limited by some of the click bait articles you may have read online.

Its not just about promoting your affiliate links on Instagram (although that does work).

You have many options available.  Just be sure your influencer activity is in line with your goals.

For example, here’s some ways to work with influencers quickly:

  • Ask them evangelize your content
  • Co-create and co-publish content together
  • Review your products
  • Review your services
  • Cover your company at an event so you get more / better coverage
  • Get market intelligence and customer feedback
  • Sell your products

So there’s a lot of things you can do with influencers … things that aren’t possible with other marketing strategies.

Now remember this:

Working with influencers is always about a value exchange.

So whether that value is your paying them to promote your stuff or trading services with them, you must understand this.

In the case of a product review, be sure your product is valuable, not cheap trinkets.

Be respectful and you’ll get it in return.

But it doesn’t stop there!

If you want to get more imaginative,  set up an advisory board made up of influencers so you can get regular feedback and market intelligence from them.

Getting marketing intelligence from influencers is valuable and can really help your business.

The influencers are “out there” every day fielding questions, listening to consumers … your target customers.

Influencers often understand what the customer’s pain points are and by working with the influencers, you can gather that information from them.

They’ll share it with you.

Information like this is GOLD to a marketer.  Many companies pay marketing firms a lot of money to conduct “focus groups” just to find out what consumers are thinking.

Go ahead and get started.  You’re now loaded with the information you need to make a difference in your business.

Do you want help using influencers for your business?

I help businesses scale to 7 figures by leveraging the power of influencers and bypass expensive advertising and competition.

My method is to set up a strategy call first.  This helps me to get to know you, understand your business, your marketing and where you want to take it.

Contact me if you have any questions.

Updated February 3, 2018

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